Digital Cylinder (Liquid/Cylinder)

ชื่อสินค้า   : Digital Manifold (Liquid/Cylinder)
รหัสสินค้า  : MA002


Genesys™ manifold systems lead the industry in reliability and innovative features: transducers instead of pressure switches, 400 psig pressure differential rated solenoid valve(s), easy to service 2D layouts and union fittings before and after all serviceable components. In addition they are designed to allow the manifold cabinet to be converted in the field (i.e.- from standard flow to high flow or from cylinder by cylinder use to liquid by cylinder or liquid by liquid). These design features: improve safety, reduce manifold system costs, make the units easy to service and provide the utmost in reliability. In addition, all alarms and digital manifolds may be interfaced with our T-Net™ Medical Gas Information Management System.



  • Fully automatic–no resetting of valves or levers
  • Input power 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz-single point connection
  • 400 psig differential rated solenoid–can’t lock up
  • 72” fle xible pigtail (for portable bulk or bulk connection)
  • Economizer circuits for maximum efficiency of gas use
  • Unit of measure switching (psi, kPa, BAR).
  • Dual line pressure regulators
  • Built for expansion by adding header extensions.
  • Cabinet weight 75 lbs.
  • May be converted from low or medium pressure liquid portable bulk vessel use to use with high pressure cylinders.
  • Line pressure sensor may be mounted inside the cabinet or remotely located to eliminate the need for a high/low pressure switch for master alarm operation
  • Five year warranty