Analog Manifold (Liquid/Liquid)

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The fully automatic manifold shall be a Tri-Tech Medical Genesys™ series. No manual resetting ofvalves or levers shall be required. The unit shall switch from “Bank in Use” to “Reserve” bank without fluctuation in line delivery pressure. Simultaneously, the “Reserve in Use” alarm shall be triggered by the manifolds circuit board. The manifold shall continue to provide gas, in the event of a power failure, until both banks are depleted. After the switchover, the “Reserve” bank shall then become the “Bank in Use”. The manifold shall be capable of being upgraded after installation, to upgrade to high flow line regulator(s), higher delivery pressures, from single to dual line regulators, or to be converted for use with high pressure (up to 2,500 psig) cylinders. The control cabinet shall also incorporate economizer gas circuits for both banks. The economizer circuits will allow the head pressure of the reserve bank to be utilized instead of venting to atmosphere so long as there is sufficient system gas usage. The manifold may be used with portable bulk vessels with either 235 psig or 350 psig relief valves or mixed combinations of vessels with 235 or 350 relief valves. The control panel shall incorporate a set of LED’s for each bank, green for “Bank in Use”, amber for “Ready” and red for “Empty”. Analog gauges are also provided so that all above pressure zones may be observed in the event of a power failure. All manifold regulators, piping and control switching equipment shall be cleaned for oxygen service and installed in a steel cabinet to provide protection and minimize tampering.


  • Fully automatic – no resetting of valves or levers
  • Input power 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz – single point connection
  • 400 psig differential rated solenoid – can’t lock up
  • 72” flexible pigtails
  • Economizer circuits for maximum efficiency of gas use
  • Single or Dual line pressure regulators
  • Built for expansion by adding header extensions.
  • Cabinet weight 70 lbs.
  • May be converted from low or medium pressure liquid portable bulk vessel use to use with high pressure cylinders